How do riders attach to the top crossarm?

Unlike other posts, OSI’s post does not have a slot for the rider on the top crossbar. The reason that this slot is not there is because for a slot to work, it must be wide enough to hold up to a ¼” thick material. When the slot is that wide, it does not hold the thinner materials tight, which enables it to fall out easily. There have been several cases in the past few months where riders have blown out of the slots in windy conditions and the rider has hit people walking down the sidewalk. This is a safety hazard that we do not want to expose the real estate company or homeowner to. 

Riders can be installed on the top crossbar by screwing the rider directly into the wood. This will not only hold the rider tight, but also insures that it will not fall out. OSI will install the rider at time of the installation at no charge to make this easier for the real estate agent.

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